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What to expect from dermal fillers?

What to expect from dermal fillers

What to expect from Dermal Fillers?


It’s only normal to be nervous about having a dermal filler treatment done as we have all unfortunately seen such bad examples out there where people have had far too much filler which might look good on Instagram before and afters but in real life they almost always look slightly odd.

Dermal Filler should only ever be used to replace and restore lost volume and if done right should make you appear fresh faced and be undetectable.


My approach to Dermal Fillers

  • I specialise in contouring and hydration treatments to give a naturally refreshed appearance.
  • A little can go a very long way when you know exactly where to inject and the right product and techniques to use.
  • I use high quality products so your face will remain smooth and mobile. This means you will look just beautiful in expression as you will when you are still. The areas will also remain naturally bouncy and soft to touch, and most importantly you will still look like you.
  • Small regular treatments will improve your skin health and maintain a consistently natural and refreshed appearance.

And it’s also important to fully understand what to expect and what can be achieved before you go ahead.  So, here are a handful of the most important things that I’d like you to know if you’re exploring facial fillers for the first time:

Skin Health comes first

Before seeking any aesthetic treatment, you should focus on the quality of your skin by implementing a good quality regimen that includes an antioxidant, exfoliation, and SPF protection, alongside regular chemical peels or specialised treatments such as micro needling. Maintaining your skin’s health will keep it looking plump, youthful, and radiant for longer, which should always be a priority over injectables.

Choosing the right product

Whilst most fillers offered by practitioners these days are made of hyaluronic acid – a sugar molecule found naturally in the human body – a few are made from other materials. These are known as bio stimulatory fillers, which spark collagen growth and give an immediate plumping to the treated area. They work very similarly to other fillers, the main difference being that they’re not made from hyaluronic acid, so they aren’t reversible and cannot be dissolved. In other words, if you’re not happy with the end result or if something goes wrong, you will need to wait for the product to break down naturally. Therefore, you must seek the advice of an experienced medical practitioner if you’re considering these treatments.

It matters who you see

Thanks to an appalling lack of regulation in the whole area of aesthetic medicine in the UK, many people don’t realise that anyone can legally inject you with anything when it comes to fillers. And whilst most fillers can be dissolved with an enzyme known as Hyaluronidase, every filler comes with potential side effects and complications that can be greatly minimised when injected by an experienced medical practitioner armed with an intimate knowledge of human anatomy and complications management.


Book a consultation to discuss whether Dermal Fillers are the right option for you.

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