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What is Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1?

What is Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1?

Looking for a treatment to fill out loose or sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles?

I’m very passionate about improving skin health and I believe skin boosters are a great steppingstone towards this. Skin boosters or injectable moisturisers improve skin quality and can be used on the face, neck, décolletage and even hands. The Hyaluronic Acid in the product hydrates the skin and leads to collagen stimulation. They can therefore be used to treat fine lines, crepey skin and to provide a more radiant complexion.

It’s also worth noting that skin boosters are different to dermal fillers. I use dermal fillers to sculpt and revolumise the face. skin boosters or injectable moisturisers target the skin directly

What is Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1?

Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1 is a unique non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid that includes a unique patented formula of effective natural components (amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins) to hydrate and repair the skin. The additional vitamins and minerals make it a particular favourite of mine.

Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1 restores contours and fullness to parts of the face where the natural plumpness of hyaluronic acid may have diminished over the years. This dermal re-densification helps to fill out loose or sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles whilst producing a soft, natural finish that does not appear excessively taut.

What is Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1 used for?

Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1 skin booster is used to improve several characteristics of our skin that are negatively impacted by age:

  • Sun-Damaged Skin
  • Loss of Skin Elasticity
  • Thin, Damaged Skin
  • Luminosity
  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging Skin and Imperfections
  • Hydration

What areas can be treated?

  • Forehead
  • Under eyes and crows feet
  • Cheeks
  • Perioral region (around the mouth)
  • Neck
  • Necklines

Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1 used on the cheeks and jawline gives a more naturally curved appearance to aged faces, restoring the curves and contours associated with a younger individual. This product has been specifically designed to re-densify and deeply rehydrate your face, neck and neckline.

What does the treatment involve?

The shallow injections evenly place small quantities of Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1 around the surface of the whole face. The product contains a local anaesthetic called lidocaine which is for enhanced comfort. Treatment takes 20-30 minutes. You may see some small spots at the injection sites which will disappear within the hour. If you experience any redness or swelling this may take a few days to disappear but generally no longer than a week.

Is the treatment painful?

Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1 is injected in tiny amounts using ultra-fine needles a topical numbing cream is applied to make you comfortable if needed.

How many treatments are needed?

For optimal results, it is best to treat for 3 sessions 3 weeks apart. This will give immediate and cumulative results. For maintenance, one session every 3-6 months is required.

When do you see the results?

The skin is hydrated, supple and less creased immediately. With each treatment the complexion looks increasingly radiant, and skin becomes firmer.


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