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What is a Nucleofill treatment?

What is a Nucleofill treatment?

Looking for a treatment to rejuvenate tired or ageing skin without volumising?

There are a variety of skin boosters now available, and my preferred options in clinic have been Profhilo and Teoxane Redensity 1 until now. There is a relatively new bio-stimulator known as Nucleofill™ which has come into the injectable market. But, what is a Nucleofill treatment? And how could it help your skin? If your skin is suffering with laxity or is dull and dehydrated, then you’ll want to hear more about this!

What is a Nucleofill treatment?

Nucleofill™ is a relatively new bio stimulator that uses polynucleotides (the same as those found in your DNA) to stimulate all layers of the skin, increasing both the production of collagen and elastin for improved laxity, better bounce, fewer lines and long- term hydration.

I have noticed how clients are now seeking low-maintenance treatments that carry more longevity, so focusing on improving skin health from deep within rather than restoring the look of it.

What are the unique features of Nucleofill™ ?

  • Moisturising effect: A strong moisturising ability which results in deep hydration to the tissues.
  • Free radical detoxing: acts as a shield and protects against free radicals.
  • Bio stimulating effect: A slow and continuous effect which aids skin rejuvenation.

Is Nucleofill™ right for you?

Nucleofill is excellent for those in their 40s and 50s as it regenerates sagging and dehydrated skin and thickens the tissues.

It’s perfect for you if:

  • Your skin is looking dull or tired
  • You’d like to tackle fine lines and wrinkles proactively
  • You’d like to firm and tighten the skin on the face and neck
  • You’d like to stimulate collagen production and prevent further signs of ageing
  • You’re like to soften under-eye crepiness and wrinkles
  • You’d like to regenerate thin, sagging skin
  • You’re looking for a clinically proven treatment with minimal downtime
What is a Nucleofill treatment? before and after
What is a Nucleofill treatment? before and after
What is a Nucleofill treatment? before and after

How long does Nucleofill™ last?

Nucleofill™ is injected into the skin with a needle or cannula in two sessions two weeks apart. This can be repeated every three to six months as required.

How does Nucleofill™ compare to Dermal Fillers?

Both are excellent treatments in the right candidate, so ultimately, the right option for you depends on your concerns and treatment goals.

Nucleofill™ works on skin quality and is used for patients concerned with fine lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity on the face or neck. It treats various concerns and is an excellent option for under-eye crepiness, puffiness, wrinkles, and hollows.

Fillers, on the other hand, are more suitable for those with significant volume loss, imbalances or those who wish to restore definition. They are used to augment a specific area via a lifting and volumising effect. While they can give the skin greater luminosity, Nucelofill™ takes a more holistic approach for widespread improvement of the skin whilst stimulating collagen production and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Is Nucleofill™ safe?

There are no serious side effects, making Nucleofilll™ an effective and safe treatment for all skin types.
Book a consultation to discuss whether Nucleofill™ the right option for you.

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